We help you engage
your visitors and improve customer
retention in your venue

Hansel is the only solution on the market combining
personalization of physical spaces and wayfinding

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Having intuitive space is crucial to customer retention

Make exploring stores easy by displaying pathways on the floor

Personalize the store experience to increase customer engagement

Bring the convenience of e-commerce to offline retail

Hansel is an augmented reality mobile app.

How it works?

Scan your store with a smartphone

Integrate Hansel with your systems

Setup the store experience

Let your customers use Hansel app

Works with iOS / Android coming soon

Exciting things ahead

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Guide your visitors

Whether you want to guide your customers or increase the efficiency of your staff,
with Hansel you can easily build an experience suiting your use case.

We already help:

Newcomers to get familiar with the office space

Museum visitors with self-guided tours and interactive content

Patients to find the right room at the hospital

Why Hansel?

Save money on infrastructure

Works just with a smartphone, no beacons or other hardware required. This also means a very low maintenance cost.

Provides precise users location

We provide < 5 cm accuracy, contrary to beacons’ ≈ 1 m.

Seamlessly integrate with your systems

Our solution is flexible enough to digest various types of data.